Aesthete: one having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful, especially in art.


Aesthete: To have great affects for art and beauty.

I've always found myself drawn to beautiful things. I followed that instinct and have been lucky to travel and live in a variety of beautiful and inspiring places, as well as work alongside and learn from many immensely talented creatives of all different aesthetics. I remain constantly inspired by the beautiful things artists of years past as well as my contemporaries have created. And I always seek to create work that the someone will find beautiful and inspiring as well. 

 photo by Eric Hurtgen for  Future&Flame .

photo by Eric Hurtgen for Future&Flame.

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, spent 4 years living, learning and working in NYC, spent some time traveling Europe studying art history, then found home in the Carolinas. Mostly I am a graphic designer and illustrator, sometimes I play art director, prop stylist, event stylist, and wife to a rock and roller. I currently work at Social Design House as a Sr. Designer, and spend my free time decorating my new home, buying too many houseplants, and enjoying my friends and family. I don't take on many side projects but if you think we might be a good fit, please feel free to reach out.